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Elite Quality Upholstery for Every Vessel – Hamilton, NZ

Total Trim Solutions provide custom made, expertly tailored and fitted upholstery for marine and land vehicles. Whether your car’s interior has been damaged by scratches and tears or you’ve been dreaming on customised boat seats for your yacht, the experts at Total Trim Solutions provide the range of materials, skilled craftsmanship and personalised services to help you reach the perfect upholstery solution.

A history of excellence

With more than 28 years in the business, the staff at Total Trim Solutions pride themselves on detail and quality. We are driven by providing the very best for our clients by developing a relationship with you and making our results the highest quality for all your needs.

We don’t just want to know the product, we want to know you, finding the colours, fabrics and designs that are perfect for you. We’re part of your community so if we can pick up and deliver your perfectly upholstered product, we’ll do it free of charge. Talk to your friends and family about Total Trim Solutions and you will find that our business isn’t just elite upholstery, it’s you.

Custom Vehicle Interiors

Personalise your vehicle with a custom made dashboard, upholstered car seats, flooring, heading and trimming.

Marine Upholstery, Canopies and Covers

Customise your boat or yacht interior and keep it covered from rain with custom made canopies and covers.

Outdoor Screens

Chameleon screens provide protection from sun, wind and - perfect for your home, cafe or schools.
For more information continue on through our Total Trim Solutions website or call today on 07 850 1076 for a free quote and to discuss your specific requirements.
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