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High Quality Auto Upholstery Services in the waikato region

Is your interior upholstery looking tired and faded? Have your vehicle’s covers and interior succumbed to wear and tear, or the teeth and claws of an enthusiastic pet? If you enjoy travelling on the open roads or seas your vessel’s exterior upholstery will be challenged by the sun, wind and rain on a regular basis and may become damaged.

Hamilton’s Finest Quality Upholstery

We have considerable experience restoring yachts, boats, cars, trucks and vans, while our skilled craftsmen are specialists in leather, vinyl and material repairs and restoration. Whether it’s a leather boat bench, cushions, a driving seat or exterior deck upholstery we offer a wide range of treatments and repairs no matter what condition your condition is in.

With the opportunity to have your boat or vehicle picked up and delivered by our expert team and a courtesy car available for the day it has never been easier to get your vehicle looking its best on the roads or the seas.

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Expertly Tailored & Fitted Upholstery

Comprehensive Services

  • No-obligation measure & quote
  • Upholstery on boats, marine seating, hull and floor lining
  • Upholstery on Cars, utes, trucks, busses and machinery
  • Restoration & repairs
  • Remodeling, fitting & modifications
  • Trimming
  • Reconditioning
  • Restuffing; fitting new foams, recovering existing foams
  • Custom work & designing
  • Canopies, road covers, full over storage covers etc.
car and truck upholstery

Expertly Tailored & Fitted Upholstery

Staying Ahead

Every year we make new research targets, investing in leading-edge materials and treatments according to their quality, durability and appearance. This investment in highly advanced, custom designed and made fabrics enables us to specialize in tailoring our service to your specific upholstery needs.

When it comes to providing a consistently superior quality service, we are dedicated to staying ahead of the 8-ball.

car and truck upholstery
Car & Truck Upholstery

For custom made, expertly tailored upholstery, fitted for a beautiful finish, contact our team of craftsmen and upholstery designers at Total Trim Solutions on 07 850 1076. We continue to push our service into the elite strata of the upholstery industry and want you to enjoy the journey with us. No matter how you travel or the distances you cover, comfort is worth investing in, while travelling in style is a reward in itself.

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